Investment Plan

Deposit term 30 Days

2049842.5829061 USD

  • Min 1.00 USD
  • Profit Every Second
  • 4.4% daily
  • Instant payments
  • Deposit Bonus 10%

How It Work

Create Account

Create an account by simply entering your crypto wallet address and clicking the Authorize button. No Verification. No KYC.


Immediately after registration, you will receive a bonus of 1 USD to start mining. Affiliate bonus 20%.

Start Earnings

After registration, start investing and choose any plan with an available balance. Just receive payments to your address.


Why Choose Us

Expert Management

Our Experts Monitor The Mining Process 24/7.

Verified Security

One Of Most Qualified, Proficient And Reliable.

Bulletproof Server

Any DDOS attack will be reflected in a matter of seconds.

Secure Mining

The Future Of Blockchain And Crypto Worldwide.

Instant payments

All payments are processed automatically on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registered Company

CryptoMinerX Registered As A Cloud Mining Company.


Recent Transaction

Transaction History

Time Wallet Amount Type
02/21/2024 8:06:57 AM TCmB5yjUm332o6s...k77888888 52.09087200 TRX Depoist
02/21/2024 7:54:40 AM ltc1qhxhppsxfft...uwh9t8amh 0.04551212 LTC Depoist
02/21/2024 7:41:40 AM THM9LDTHgT1m6MA...94QDCfKny 38.67718800 TRX Pay
02/21/2024 7:41:11 AM MRxZeNotHHurxcn...vjAxJbMsz 0.01089569 LTC Depoist
02/21/2024 5:28:07 AM TACRTUhTNmvH6As...g2qaP262C 70.00000000 TRX Depoist
02/21/2024 4:55:43 AM TW1jpbX1z1xADRy...yE5534FdV 40.00000000 TRX Pay
02/21/2024 3:53:19 AM LhPAUgoxvwcsUwL...BD4dWfM7D 0.08395625 LTC Pay
02/21/2024 3:50:20 AM LT8hEs4LYA1g5hA...UKS6soCP2 0.01223235 LTC Depoist
02/21/2024 3:48:56 AM ltc1qrhyn0ta4ul...lmfj3xzrc 0.07015176 LTC Pay
02/21/2024 3:46:06 AM TJtrvSEBwpjGYXP...YTx1mZz4T 20.00000000 TRX Depoist


What cryptocurrencies do you accept?

We accept the world's most popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tron.

What are the bonuses for users?

We give you a 1USD welcome bonus immediately after registration. +10% first deposit bonus and 20% affiliate bonus. Advertise, invest and earn with the best mining in the world.

Why can't I withdraw funds from your platform?

If your application is not accepted, then the amount on your balance does not meet the minimum requirements for payment. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1USD.

When will my payment arrive?

The crediting of deposits depends on the speed of transaction confirmations in the blockchain network. The same applies to payments, our system automatically processes all outgoing and incoming payments. So just wait until the blockchain does its job!

How many accounts can I register?

You can only have one account. In case of violation of this rule, the administration has the right to freeze the offender's account for an indefinite period. Do not register more than one account in the system!